"I'm running for Congress because I'm ready to help the Democratic Party and our government move beyond the politics of division that currently has us stuck with the status quo. And I'm not talking about the cheap unity of quiet suffering and nonconfrontation. I'm talking about the hard fought togetherness that comes from getting in a room and working through real differences with patience and respect."


Whether in his pulpit or his politics, Pastor Chris has always believed that the choice between the deepest values of our families and our highest hopes for society is a false choice. The way we build a better future for everyone is through broad coalitions that celebrate our racial, ethnic, gender, and ideological diversity. 

Pastor Chris Butler was born into a faithful, working-class family in Chicago. They moved around the city of Chicago and surrounding areas as affordable housing was available, but the family was always anchored by their local church and Chris’ grandmother's home in the Austin neighborhood. 

Pastor Chris’s father was a veteran, a postal worker, and an active church volunteer. His mother worked hard everyday caring for five children, teaching Sunday School, and leading the children’s choir at the church all while working 9 to 5 clerical jobs outside the home. She did everything she could to keep Chris and his siblings focused on their faith and their future.

When he was in 6th Grade, Chris met his first mentor; a social justice Community Organizer in Austin. The faith he learned from his parents and the commitment to justice he learned from his mentor have guided Pastor Chris’s life. He earned a B.A. in Civic Engagement from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and studied to become a Credentialed Minister in the Assemblies of God. He has organized on a host of justice issues in Chicagoland and helped build the AND Campaign, a national movement to educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement. Pastor Chris even met his wife, Aziza, while they were both a part of the same youth group at church and both working to elect Barack Obama to the United States Senate.

As a Congressman, Pastor Chris will bring to Washington the voices of hard-working people who are doing all they can and desperately need government to step up and do its part. And he’ll refuse to demand that faithful people compromise their convictions as a condition for participating in progress.



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