“The American Solidarity Party of Illinois is proud to endorse Chris Butler for Congress. Although Pastor Chris is running as a Democrat in the 1st District of Illinois, he is 100 percent for the pro-life for the whole life values of the ASP. As a co-author of the book ‘Compassion and Conviction’ and co-founder of the And Campaign, Chris has demonstrated that the false left/right political dichotomy must not bind our political discourse.”

The American Solidarity Party is the fastest-growing political party in the United States. Seeks to promote the sanctity of life, and considers all human life to be sacred, from conception to natural death. ASP believes in the necessity of social justice, defined as a special collective responsibility to the most vulnerable members of society and a call for societal structures that uphold the equal value and dignity of each person, regardless of any personal characteristics. ASP promotes a community-oriented society, supports the centrality of the family, and advocates that the state and subsidiary organizations remedy economic injustice by creating conditions for widespread ownership of property and production. The party promotes care for the environment, as well as peace and international solidarity.