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(Chicago, 30 March 2022) US congressional candidate for the 1st District of Illinois Pastor Chris Butler has been endorsed by Former Congressman Dan Lipinski, who served as US Representative for the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois from 2005-2021.

Lipinski states, “I have not endorsed anyone else this year. I am endorsing Chris Butler because he has demonstrated a core commitment to families and working class values. He believes there is too much bickering and division today and he wants to bring people together to improve everyone’s everyday lives. This is what he has been about in his church and his community. It is a wide open race and Chris has a unique ability to appeal to voters across the First District and be part of a new generation of leaders in the Democratic Party.”

During his time in Congress, Former Congressman Lipinski served on the Transportation & Infrastructure and Science, Space and Technology committees. He established himself as a champion of working-class households, family values, and religious liberty.

Lipinski’s endorsement makes Pastor Butler the only candidate in his race to be endorsed by two former congressmen, as he received the endorsement of Former US Congressional Representative and Democratic Party Whip David Bonior (served 1976-2002) in January.

Pastor Butler, whose name was recently drawn for the top spot on the IL-1 ballot, has been connecting with voters and communities since March of 2021. Pastor Butler’s background highlights his ability to bring unity between diverse groups. The Senior Pastor of the Chicago Embassy Church, he has launched various initiatives serving at the local, state, and national level. For example, Pastor Butler worked in education reform as Deputy Campaign Manager for A+ Illinois and as Advocacy Director for New Schools for Chicago. Pastor Butler also co-founded the Chicago Peace Campaign to reimagine public safety, as well as the And (&) Campaign, a nonprofit organization which promotes civic engagement nationwide. He recently co-authored the award-winning book Compassion & Conviction.

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