“The more we've gotten to know Pastor Butler and his incredible family and team, the more we've been convinced not only that you will love him, but that he will serve as an excellent voice for your values in Congress.”

Democrats for Life of America defends universal human rights within the Democratic Party and works to elect Whole Life Democrats. They seek to end the influence of systems of pervasive injustice, particularly the mass lethal injustice of abortion and other human rights abuses, and to build a life-affirming culture within the Democratic Party, in our communities, and in our nation. DFLA works to build a shared vision of tomorrow where every life is protected from womb to tomb, upholding a Consistent Life Ethic and the Democratic Party’s tenets of equality, nonviolence, and nondiscrimination. DFLA applies a holistic approach to protect all human life through legal protection, life-affirming cultural change, and economic justice.