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(Chicago, January 20, 2022) Congressional candidate of the 1st District of Illinois, Pastor Chris Butler, has been endorsed by Former Congressman, David Bonior who served as the 2nd most powerful Democrat in U.S. House of Representatives.

Bonior states, "As a 30-year veteran of the US House of Representatives who served in Democratic Party leadership as Caucus Whip for a decade, I recognize the experience and leadership approach necessary for faithful and effective civil servanthood. And I see those traits in Pastor Chris Butler, congressional candidate for the 1st District of Illinois. His track record of putting the people of his community first, lifting their voices even when their backgrounds and perspectives differ from his, and standing strong against unhelpful political power-plays demonstrates that he will truly uplift the 1st District and the nation overall as Congressman. I know that Chris is ready to serve in Congress. His leadership will move us forward." 

Bonior served as Democratic whip in the House from 1991 to 2002, during which time Democrats were in both the majority (1991–1995) and minority (1995–2002), making Bonior the third and second highest-ranking Democrat in the House, respectively.  Bonior and Pastor Chris met through their mutual work to support the Mikva Challenge, an organization that aims to develop and empower youth to become active citizens as they promote justice and equality.  The Challenge is named for Abner Mikva, a former Congressman, Federal Judge, and White House Council - and his wife, Zoe.

Pastor Chris has been connecting with voters and communities since last March-before Congressman Bobby Rush announced that he would not seek re-election.  Pastor Chris’ background consists of engagement that highlights his ability to bring unity between groups that may not always agree. His education policy involvement includes Deputy Campaign Manager for A+ Illinois and Advocacy Director for New Schools for Chicago. Pastor Chris Co-Founded the Chicago Peace Campaign and has worked to reimagine policing. As a former Rock the Vote coordinator and Mikva Challenge Board Member, Pastor Chris is a passionate advocate for restoring our democracy. He has worked to get money out of politics, change the way political maps are drawn, and promote Action Civics education. Pastor Chris also served on President Barack Obama’s Campaign for U.S. Senate. He recently Co-Authored the award-winning book:  Compassion & Conviction.   For more information, visit



Christopher Butler


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