“Chris is a friend of mine, a community servant and an outstanding brother in Christ. Chris is a powerful leader, a force in the community. He’s the senior pastor of his childhood church and he’s been a community organizer since he was 12 years old. He’s spent his time in his career building new schools, standing in the gap to end violence and building bridges between diverse communities that disagree on many important issues. He’s a solid candidate that stands for life, protecting preborn children and their vulnerable parents. His leadership, I believe, is something that’s greatly needed in this country and he is the man I believe to bring people together.”

Benjamin Watson is a former professional football player. Watson was a member of the New England Patriots when they won Super Bowl XXXVIII over the Carolina Panthers. He played college football at Duke and Georgia. Watson has also played for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints.

Watson is an outspoken advocate for the pro-life cause and spoke at the 2017 March for Life. In 2020, Watson executive produced and partially financed a pro-life movie called “Divided Hearts of America” featuring former presidential candidate Ben Carson and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King.