(Chicago, IL, May 25th, 2022) I’d like to offer my congratulations to US Representative Henry Cuellar on his apparently successful bid for the Democratic Party nomination in Texas’s 28th Congressional district. Representative Cuellar, the district’s incumbent, who has served in office for nearly 35 years, looks to have narrowly defeated progressive challenger, Jessica Cisneros in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to work in Congress with Rep. Cuellar, who has been labeled by some as the only “anti-abortion” Democrat in the House of Representatives, to promote consistently pro-life policies that will help both preborn children and expectant parents. The margins in this race show that both Cuellar and Cisneros had something real to offer voters. I believe that we see the same dynamics on the ground in the 1st District of Illinois and across the country in Black and Brown communities. There is a real desire to push back against a Democratic establishment that often seems more responsive to the whims of corporate donors than to the needs of working families. At the same time, there is tremendous regard for family values rooted in faith. 

I hope the Congressman and our party will interpret the outcome of yesterday’s contest as evidence that people in districts across this nation are ready for Democrats who are unapologetically pro-life and unflinching in their pursuit of health care as a right for all, quality affordable housing, income equity, paid family leave, serious work on domestic violence and a culture of consent and a host of other life affirming policies. Americans know that abortion ends lives that are precious and need protection. But we also know that there is more to life than being born.



Throughout his campaign, Pastor Butler has championed a “whole life” philosophy, which seeks to protect the lives of both pregnant women and preborn children. He argues that this approach more accurately captures the sentiments of everyday Americans than the standard pro-life and pro-choice narratives.

For Pastor Butler, a “new way forward” on abortion entails committing to real conversations, listening to the concerns of the diverse families who face abortion decisions; making unprecedented investments in these families, offering them real support to mitigate the challenges that typically drive expectant parents to abortion; and embracing a fresh group of leaders who can move beyond the old paradigm to bring real change.

Pastor Butler, who started his congressional campaign in April 2021, has advanced this new way forward throughout his career. As the senior pastor of his childhood church, the Chicago Embassy Church, for over six years, he has counseled several couples making difficult pregnancy decisions, serving them with love whether they ultimately chose abortion or not. As co-founder of the And Campaign, a national civic engagement nonprofit, Pastor Butler has advanced his holistic approach at the national level to abortion through the organization’s Whole Life Project. He has also advocated for Guaranteed Basic Income, family-centered education reform, paid maternity leave, and several other policies that would address factors such as poverty and lack of support that most often lead women to abortion.


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Christopher Butler


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