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Our effort is truly grassroots. None of us has any power or connections that will get us magically elected, and we're not pursuing party machinery or corporate promotion. That means we fully rely on you! We're asking everyone who supports us to join Team Chris so that we can bring more everyday people to join our team of everyday people and demand a change from a system that ignores anyone who's not a part of an elite club hoarding the power of our country and using it to multiply their status and wealth. Together, we can share our message of moving past stuck politics, raise money to amplify our voice, and recruit others to join us in the fight. Team Chris is about more than electing a Congressman--it's about building a movement.

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  • Ask three new people to join Team Chris every week

  • Ask three new people to donate to our campaign every week

  • Share content from our social media three times a week

Together we'll win in June of 2022, and we'll go to Washington to represent people from all over our district that have been ignored for decades.

Let's Move Forward Together.

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