Chris Butler listening to the concerns of two neighbors he met on a door knocking block walk

New Leadership for a New Day.

Pastor Chris is a strong advocate for all of us, not just the wealthy and politically connected.

Chris is a husband, a father, a pastor, and a lifelong advocate for our families and communities.

Chris was born into a family that was among Chicago’s working poor. His father was an Air Force veteran, a postal worker, and an active church volunteer. Chris’s mother worked hard everyday caring for five children, teaching Sunday School, and leading the children’s choir all while working 9 to 5 clerical jobs outside the home.

Chris was only in 6th grade when he received his first training as a Community Organizer. The faith and hard work he learned from his parents and the commitment to justice he learned from his organizing have guided Pastor Chris’s life.

Chris is a proven leader and effective advocate.

  • Pastor Chris was the first in his family to attend college and to be ordained into the ministry.
  • Chris registered and mobilized young voters as the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator on Barack Obama’s 2004 Campaign for U.S. Senate.
  • He organized churches to combat community violence through the Chicago Peace Campaign.
  • As Deputy Campaign Manager at A+ Illinois, Chris helped organize a statewide coalition to transform school funding that included both major teachers unions, AFSCME, the Illinois Farm Bureau, the Chicago Chamber of Commerce and the Urban League.
  • As Advocacy Director at New Schools for Chicago, Chris helped expand the number of high quality school options available for families in under-served communities like the one where he grew up.

Valuing every voice. Leaving no person behind.

In 2013, Chris started a boutique public affairs consulting firm that specialized in forging unlikely partnerships and leading tough conversations.

Chris and his team brought together a group of parent advocates, local entrepreneurs, service providers, and leading philanthropists to launch Parent Power Chicago, an organization dedicated to empowering parents to lead their children to success. And in the midst of a tumultuous Trump administration, Chris helped launch a movement called the AND Campaign to clarify the role of the church in fighting for justice, equity, and order.

Ready to fight for the 1st District

Pastor Chris and his wife Aziza have spent their entire 14 year marriage residing, leading, and building relationships throughout this diverse district. Chris is running for the U.S. Congress because he believes that every person from every walk of life deserves an active, engaged advocate. Pastor Chris is focused on families and fighting for the hope, safety, and opportunity we all desire.