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Let's get Pastor Chris elected to Congress to make some Whole Life change for the nation!

$100.00 raised so far. Help us get to $1,000.00

As an advocate who has worked with women and men making tough pregnancy decisions for nearly three years, I recognize that our nation needs to take a holistic approach to abortion and other sanctity of life issues, addressing the often crushingly real and complex factors facing abortion-minded parents without compromising our commitment to protecting the lives of all vulnerable members of our society. Pastor Chris Butler's track record as a committed pastor and community organizer shows that he is able to comprehensively meet this need.

That's why I support Pastor Chris as US congressional candidate for the 1st District of Illinois. He recognizes the need to break the unproductive cycle of increasingly extreme and inflammatory political rhetoric on this issue that creates no change and helps no one. His professional experience, personal character, and willingness to run as a Democrat on a pro-life platform indicates that he, unlike other pro-life politicians, won't simply offer lip service to his convictions: he will actually get things done. Pastor Chris's holistic, or Whole Life, approach to this issue means that he will advance laws that both protect the pre-born and support struggling pregnant women, thus helping to end abortion by reducing both the demand and supply. And his family and household-focused approach to policy means that he will prioritize creating policies that allow vulnerable people at all stages of life to flourish.

I could go on all day about why Pastor Chris is the right candidate for IL-1, but to wrap things up, I'll just say: if you agree with me that the 1st District of Illinois and the nation overall will be massively blessed by Pastor Chris's leadership, join me in supporting his campaign! Make a contribution on this page and join the mailing list to receive updates and new opportunities to get involved.

Let's #MoveForwardTogether. Let's get Pastor Chris into Congress.


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