Stay updated with Pastor Chris on OutreachCircle



What is OutreachCircle?

OutreachCircle is a platform for organizations and campaigns to keep their supporters up to date and share all the ways people can get involved. OutreachCircle allows supporters to volunteer in their spare time, whenever and wherever that may be.

How do I get started?

1. To access OutreachCircle on your browser, click here or go to and find Pastor Chris by entering this App Code: PHN817. To access it using your phone camera, scan the QR code below:

2. Press the the "View Actions" button at the bottom

3. Sign in with your Google or Facebook account or create an account with an email and password

After I set up my account, what do I do?

Upload your contacts to the app, then scroll through the feed to see all of the ways you can support our efforts. Some of the actions you complete yourself; others, you'll share with your friends.

Why use OutreachCircle?

OutreachCircle will help you easily connect your friends to the campaign by providing you with preset texts and videos, all of which you can customize if you’d like. OutreachCircle also let’s you target your outreach specifically to friends you think will find our message appealing. OutreachCircle can also filter your contacts based on whether the app believes they live in the first district.

What happens next?

Periodically, you will receive updates and new actions. Also, OutreachCircle is more fun with friends, so if you haven't already, you can invite them to join.