In the influential Illinois Playbook newsletter popular with political insiders in Chicago, Springfield, and across Illinois, POLITICO reporter Shia Kapos took note of Pastor Chris Butler’s campaign against entrenched Congressman Bobby Rush.

Check out the article, which quotes Pastor Chris about why he is running and what this campaign means.

Kapos notes, “He was a youth and young adult coordinator on the South Side for Barack Obama’s Senate campaign. He worked on the A+ Illinois campaign to address equity in school funding. He co-founded the Chicago Peace Campaign, which was folded into the peace efforts of Together Chicago. And he co-authored Compassion (&) Conviction, a book about faith and civic engagement.”

Our movement for positive, solutions-oriented change is beginning to be noticed by the political establishment. Now is the time to get to know Pastor Chris, tell your friends and family, and contribute.  (You can also check out the book on Amazon!)

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Nathaniel Stuart


Stanford '20. Building a New Life in Chicago. Interested in building a healthier, more compassionate America.