When November 10, 2021 at 6:30pm 2 hrs
Contact Nathaniel Stuart [email protected] 610-401-7381

Let's Move Forward Together.

At the end of October, after a number of delays, the Illinois state legislature will finalize the newly redrawn Congressional district map. They needed more time to make sure that the map was badly gerrymandered so that those in power can stay in Washington without having to listen to the will of the people in their communities.

These districts are designed to keep us divided. In Chicago, the jagged, narrow districts disenfranchise voters who have to consult maps to find out exactly who represents them. In the South Suburbs and rural areas in the southwest section of our district, the districts, drawn to include far more urban votes than any other, allow politicians to remain in power without paying any attention to the people living outside of the city. They're hoping that we'll spend our energy addressing the problems in our district by arguing over race and region rather than asking them to do more work to better the lives of the people in all parts of our district. 

But they can't keep us apart. Join Pastor Chris on Wednesday, November 10th as we celebrate our togetherness with speakers from all parts of our diverse district! Together, we'll highlight some of the great history of our district and our people while rallying to make a change that'll bring us new leadership to truly represent ALL parts of our district. Come as you are!

Food will be provided.


Will you come?